School Counselor

The Browning School seeks a school counselor for an independent K-12 school for boys in Manhattan. This 10-month position reports to the Assistant Head of School.

QUALIFICATIONS—The position requires successful performance of the following duties:

Student Support

  • Counsel individuals and small groups of boys toward social and emotional growth within the context of educating the whole child.
  • Guide individuals and groups of boys through the development of life skills.
  • Correspond with outside specialists and agencies.
  • Aid in the understanding of the consequences of actions for self and others.
  • Assist boys in dealing with family crisis (e.g., separation, divorce, death, neglect and abuse, unemployment, alcoholism).
  • Assist with development of students’ self-efficacy.
  • Assist with organization and delivery of health curriculum.
  • Coordinate and develop curriculum for homeroom and advisory systems.
  • Teach Life Skills and Health classes in Middle and Upper Schools.
  • Consult with teachers about useful classroom interventions for overstressed or struggling students.

Family Engagement

  • Assist parents/guardians in helping boys set and achieve goals.
  • Refer boys with difficulties and their parents to special programs, specialists and outside agencies.
  • Provide individual parent conferences for boys when necessary.
  • Conduct parent workshops when necessary or requested.
  • Complete assessments, referrals and counseling with boys and families.

Faculty Duties

  • Participate in parent-teacher conferences as needed.
  • Attend grade level meetings.
  • Assist in appropriate referrals for boys.
  • Support division directors.
  • Support advisors.
  • Advise Middle School Conduct Committee.
  • Collaborate with Dean of Students.
  • Collaborate with Director of Diversity.
  • Collaborate with consulting psychologist.
  • Collaborate with learning specialists.

Administrative Duties

  • Inform administration of needs or issues of overstressed or struggling boys.
  • Participate in, coordinate and conduct activities that contribute to the effective operation of the counseling program and school.
  • Keep accurate records of all counseling and guidance activities.
  • Protect the confidentiality of student records and release personal data in accordance with New York state laws and Board policies.
  • Complete assessments, referrals, and counseling with boys and families.
  • Participate in and facilitate the intervention team and disciplinary process
  • Establish and maintain a cooperative relationship with faculty, staff and administration to facilitate the provision of optimum guidance and counseling services.
  • Participate in activities that contribute to the effective operation of the school.
  • Plan and evaluate the counseling program.
  • Pursue continuous professional growth.
  • Attend workshops and other professional growth activities.
  • Work with the administration on additional activities as necessary.
  • Represent Browning in the broader counseling community, particularly with the NYC Interschool organization.
  • Maintain an active presence within APCIS.
  • Other duties as assigned.

EDUCATION, CAPACITIES and EXPERIENCE—The successful candidate will possess the following:

  • Doctoral degree in Psychology preferred; Master’s degree in Psychology, Counseling or related field considered
  • Five years minimum of successful relevant experience
  • Enthusiasm for working with boys
  • Ability to relate well to all constituencies in a school setting
  • Highly effective crisis management skills
  • Solution-focused, problem-solving approach to counseling
  • Familiarity working with learning specialists
  • Capacity to team-build
  • Passion for the mission of The Browning School
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to effectively present information to all constituencies of the school
  • Healthy sense of humor


  • Serve as consultant to parents/guardians, staff and administration.
  • Please email with your resume and cover letter.


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