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 Museum Visit Informs Grade Three Study of Woodland Natives

As a complement to their social studies curriculum on the origins of Manhattan and the study of its Woodland Natives, the third grade boys visited the Museum of the City of New York to learn about the Lenape tribe, the island’s original inhabitants who lived here 400 years ago. Please click here to watch a video, read details and view photos from the trip.

Lower School Celebrates Ideals of Dr. King

Topics covered during a Lower School Assembly on January 12 were tied to the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. During this assembly led by Glenn Walker, advisor to the Multicultural Club, Lower School boys learned about the first-hand experiences of Upper School boys regarding inequality and the universally uncomfortable feeling of being “left out.” The boys left with much to ponder and consider in terms of being sensitive to the feelings of others, regardless of their appearance or beliefs. Please click here to read more details and view photos from the assembly.

Browning Completes NYSAIS Self-Study and Accreditation Visit

Over the recent course of a 15-month period, Browning conducted an in-depth self-study as part of its 10-year accreditation review by the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS). NYSAIS is a voluntary organization whose members agree to adhere to a set of best practices and principles for schools. Head of School John Botti notes that the self-study “provided important introspection” and was a conduit for “shared community conversation.” Please click here to read more details.

Third Annual Community Day Extends Browning’s Reach to Others

This year’s Community Day offered boys at all levels the opportunity for celebration and camaraderie, as well as the chance to serve the greater community beyond Browning. The entire Upper School student body traveled off site to participate in community service at various organizations, while the younger boys learned more about the global implications of access to water. Click here to watch a video, read details and view photos from the day.

Annual Holiday Program Extols “One World, Many Voices”

The Browning community joined together on December 16 in Temple Emanu-El for the School’s annual Holiday Program, “One World, Many Voices,” led by Music Directors Lucy Warner and Richard Symons. The much anticipated event, attended by parents and extended family members, began with remarks from Head of School John Botti. Mr. Botti spoke of his fondness for this festive time of year, how pleased he is to be leading the School as our new Head, and how aptly the stage had been set for this particular program by Community Day. Please click here to view photos and more details.

Guest Speaker Discusses Sudan’s Civil War with Fifth and Sixth Graders

The boys in Grades Five and Six welcomed a special visitor on December 9. Keer Deng, who is from Sudan, talked with the students about his experience during the civil war in that country. Prior to his appearance, history teacher Mary Bosworth provided the boys with background materials. The boys had read a book on the topic, “A Long Walk to Water,” and watched the 2014 movie, “The Good Lie.” Hearing about Mr. Deng’s first-hand experience of escaping the war and coming to America certainly made the story all the more real. Click here to view photos and read more details of Mr. Deng's visit. 

Boys Explore "Art Before Time"

Every year the art department chooses a theme for all of the Browning boys to study. This year the boys are studying prehistoric art, looking at cave paintings and petroglyphs (drawings carved into rock) from all over the world. Click here to watch a video of the boys creating artwork that relate to this theme, which range from large stretched canvases to works on paper executed with cray-pas and watercolor.

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