The Lower School science program seeks to create an awareness of the importance of science in all aspects of life through active exploration. The curriculum correlates with the developmental stages of young children. Science concepts, skills and approaches are taught to students through active involvement and guided discovery. An exciting process of inquiry is also used to promote independent thinking and problem solving. Basic primary scientific skills are introduced: observing, communicating, comparing and contrasting, classifying, measuring and predicting. The scientific process of conducting an experiment is introduced to older students who develop a question, set up tests, record results and draw conclusions. Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively. They learn the important roles that note-taking, drawing and labeling diagrams play in science by keeping journals throughout the year. The enjoyment of science is emphasized throughout the curriculum. Field trips to Black Rock Forest, science museums and Central Park bring the experiences of the classroom to life. The Lower School Science Exhibition for Grades Two and Three is an exciting occasion for students to display their original scientific explorations.