The Latin language is taught in the Middle School as an active language which can and should be spoken and heard, as well as read and written. As it is well established that effective language acquisition depends on use of the ears and tongue, we hear and speak the language in order to learn it. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate in our Latin student sufficient fluency, after six years of study, that he be able to read original Latin texts without aid of dictionary or translation. To achieve this end, we use Comprehensible Input and an inductive textbook, which encourages and trains the student to create meaning for himself. Alongside the textbook, which guides our advancement, we create our own ongoing oral and written stories with the language we have gathered. Beside language acquisition, the study of Latin involves the study of the cultures shaped by the language, from its beginnings in distant antiquity to the present day, as regards history, religion, politics and law, architecture, literature and the arts.