The Middle School English curriculum concentrates on the interrelated study of grammar, literature, vocabulary and composition. This program provides a method for developing skills in two key areas for academic success: writing and critical reading. Boys are encouraged to read with understanding and feeling and to recognize in the experience of literature a common bond with all humanity. Reading selections include modern works and classics chosen to promote the enjoyment of literature. The study of grammar and vocabulary forms an integral part of Middle School English. With a competent command of grammar and a growing vocabulary, the student will be able to meet the increasing demands for good, clear communications skills, both written and oral.

Enrichment/Study Skills

Boys in Grades Five, Six and Form I need to develop techniques and strategies that will enable them to become successful, independent learners. The purpose of this program is to help students acquire good study habits and explore problem-solving strategies. Topics covered in the study skills portion of the course include note taking (two column method), use of graphic organizers, all stages of the writing process, reading comprehension strategies, interpreting infographics, grammar, test taking skills, critical thinking, analogies, development of listening skills, organization and time management. Additionally, students expand their writing skills through various elaboration strategies and through the use of Inspiration 9, a computer program and app, designed to help students brainstorm and “web” out their ideas before writing.  Students in Form I also receive extensive content review before exams.