The Middle School science program develops an awareness of science as a way of exploring the world, connecting seamlessly to the foundation provided in the Lower School. Students expand their abilities to manipulate the tools of science. Reading and report writing skills receive emphasis while the major focus remains firmly on direct experience (laboratory investigations). Targeted units and general discussions enhance students’ consciousness of sustainability issues in local, regional and global arenas.

The annual Middle School Math-Science Night, held in February, is an integral part of the curriculum in each grade and form. Every student designs and executes an interdisciplinary experiment over a period of six weeks. At each step of the process, the boys discuss their progress with their science and math teachers. When the project is complete, boys submit a paper, construct a display, and present their investigations to parents, teachers and other students on Math-Science Night. Finally, by the end of Middle School, each boy should be able to identify and demonstrate competence in the use of the following: compound microscope, triple-beam balance, computerized motion detector, graduated cylinder, metric rule, thermometer, and the standard metric units of measurement.