Fine & Performing Arts

Browning has long sought to provide boys with a balanced and culturally enriched educational experience, and the arts have played a major role in that endeavor. Academic courses that assure a certain level of competence in the history and critical analysis of art and music are a required part of the curriculum. However, it is equally important to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts that may not be found in the confines of the traditional classroom. To this end, students working in the art studios set their hands to drawing, painting, sculpture and related media, and display their work in school exhibits and publications. Browning choruses and instrumental groups perform at various assemblies and concerts, and individual student musicians are encouraged to perform. Theatrical performances by all age groups are mounted for assemblies and evening productions, and often the energies and talents of school artists, musicians and thespians are pulled together into one unifying effort. In addition, professionals are invited to Browning to share their experiences in the arts. These guest lecturers include talented alumni who return to share their expertise and nurture a new generation of Browning students.