The Browning School is known for being small, structured, and focused.  Classwork and assignments are framed around relatively short timelines, with clear, consistent, expectations. The atmosphere is one of adults in charge, teacher directed- child focused. The curriculum is a medley of constantly evolving research and material as well as traditional programs that havealways been apart of the Browningexperience. The faculty work together to create an interdisciplinary course load that reinforces and builds upon a sequential academic experience.

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Academic Integrity

The Browning School believes in and is committed to promoting the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all areas of school life. Our community is based on a recognition of these standards and a commitment to maintaining them. We believe that honesty and integrity form the foundation on which a successful life can be built, and we strive to instill this idea in our students by maintaining the highest standards in all endeavors we undertake, particularly academic ones. We believe that academic work, regardless of whether it is for credit or not,must represent the individual boy’s own efforts unless he has been otherwise instructed by a teacher.We also believe that any methods used to subvert an academic undertaking must be considered a violation of the principles implicit in the Browning School Mission Statement.

The Browning School was founded as a school for young gentlemen. It remains such a school. The trustees, administration, and faculty believe that good character, honesty, courtesy, sensitivity to others, and service to the community are essential to a Browning education. Behavior and attitudes that hinder students from developing these qualities and reaching academic excellence are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Students are required to follow the rules at all school functions,whether the event is held at the Browning School or away from the school, during the school day or in the evening. The Browning School reserves the right to consider student conduct outside the school and beyond the boundaries of the school day if the school, at its sole discretion, deems such conduct to have an adverse impact on the school or its students.