The Advanced Expository Writing class provides a foundation for Form VI boys as they prepare to write a variety of college essays.

Form VI boys take an Advanced Expository Writing class in which they write essays that prepare them for college application requirements. The class is taught by Head of Upper School Gene Campbell.

The boys write three essays, all of which might be submitted to colleges. Two of the essays are based on the choices given to them on the Common Application for colleges and universities. For their third and final essay, they are encouraged to choose from the supplemental topics offered by an actual college they are interested in attending. 

Mr. Campbell said, "The boys will focus on developing their individual voices as writers as they write three essays, all of which might be submitted to colleges."

Peer review is an important part of the course, as the boys will share their essays with one another and offer helpful criticism. 

"This experience has become an integral part of the college admissions process for our boys," according to College Advisor Sanford Pelz '71, "The additional benefit of having peer feedback and review offers a unique opportunity in this important endeavor."

The course ends just before Thanksgiving.