2014 Junior Varsity Soccer

After spending much of last season rebuilding, the JV soccer team finally saw its efforts reflected in their record. They were .500 in regular season league play, finishing in third place. Though they lost in the first round of the playoffs, it was their first playoff appearance in some time. The key to the team’s progress lays in the dedication of its players, especially those returning players who helped set the tone of sportsmanship and constant improvement. Over the course of the season, the boys, led by captains Luke Spellman, Jake Germano and Connor Medland, focused on fitness, strategy and on-field communication to become an increasingly formidable opponent. Every boy on the team made valuable contributions to the squad and ended the season a better player than he was when he began. We look forward to seeing each boy return next year (except those being promoted to varsity), and we expect an even stronger showing against our rivals both within and outside of our league.

Coaches Lisciandrello and Cohn