2014 Varsity Cross Country

On October 30, on a bright and beautiful fall afternoon, the 2014 Varsity Browning cross country team headed to the challenging race course, Van Cortland Park, to once again take part in the NYCAL Varsity Championships. Browning and Trevor Day tied for second place, with Columbia Prep winning. One of our top runners was not able to participate in the championship. If this injured harrier had run, we would have placed second overall and perhaps been able to challenge the winning "blue team."

The scoring was as follows: Columbia: 31; 2. Trevor: 51; Browning: 51Calhoun: 100. Lycée Français, Unis and Staten Island Academy were quite far behind despite a good effort.

Captain Christopher Keyko, the team's best runner this season despite a very difficult start in the season, was at his finest, finishing fifth in a competitive field. His comrades finished further back in the race, but all embodied the best of what Browning brings to our athletic contests: sportsmanship, engagement and, as always, "grit." These past two years we had excellent individual results. There is room for improvement, and I have shared the details with the boys to continue to improve more next season. This fall, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Christopher Keyko '15, Michael O'Connor '16, Brandon Keno ’16,  Diego Lopez-Liranzo ‘15, Yvan Maslennikov '16,  Peter Florescu ’15, Julian Orillac ’16, Darrion Harris, Alex Barnard and Alex Lopez-Velasco’ 17, a cohesive team was born. The season ends on Sunday, November 9, with the 31st Annual NYSAISAA girls' and boys' championship. And then season will then be over. Remember.... "No one knows a park, its smells and seasons, its contour and crannies, like a cross-country runner."

Coach Bernard