2014 Junior Varsity Basketball

We started out in November with lots of optimism about the upcoming season. Try-outs brought many new faces to our basketball program. Once the varsity and junior varsity teams were set, we began practices. The JV boys were excited and ready to play our first game, but lots of work had to be done before that game. Conditioning, offensive and defensive schemes, as well as basic skill development were practiced. A few of the boys were new to Browning, so we had to become a team the old-fashioned way. It was done with a lot of hard work and a lot of getting to know each other. The boys certainly worked hard. Practices were intense, but the boys came together and worked hard for themselves as well as their teammates. As the season went on, our opponents seemed to get tougher and tougher. Each game the boys worked harder and harder. No matter what the situation, the boys gave it their best effort, right down to the final horn.

In fact, our final game was our best of all! We hit our peak defeating EF International by a score of 38-25. It was a great emotional win which will last in the boys’ memories for a lifetime. This season turned out to be one of the most memorable seasons of my Browning career. The boys learned a tremendous amount of basketball, developed their skills, made a bunch of new lifelong friends and, most of all, had a lot of fun doing it. They gained so many life lessons this season through the game of basketball. As coach, I enjoyed working with this team. They showed a lot of heart and dedication all season. I want to thank the entire team for a great year. – Coach Paul Mastroianni