2014 Form I/II Baseball

Even before the spring baseball season started, the boys were excited to get practice going so they could showcase their baseball talents. That excitement and motivation carried throughout the season from start to finish. Coach Andrew Wolf was a terrific asset to the growth and development of the team. He used his extensive baseball experiences to get the boys ready for Game One. As the season aged, each game created new challenges for us. We were able to adjust and manufacture skills from the boys. Whether it was pitching, hitting or fielding, someone was always ready to step up and fill the void as needed. A large part of the team’s success was based on the eighth grade leadership. The boys kept working in practice and improving each game, pitch by pitch. We finished the season strong with a 500 record. Most importantly, each boy learned a bit more about the value of hard work and they will take memories from this season with them throughout their lives. An excellent season, and a job well done!

Coaches Paul Mastroianni and Andrew Wolf