2015 Middle School Cross Country

Having just completed my second season with the Middle School cross country runners, I am pleased to report that interest in running and enthusiasm for the team remains high and has even increased since last year. The team boasted 10 runners this year. Ryan Aotani’s injury early on put him on the disabled list for the entirety of the season, which was a setback that revealed some weaknesses in the team. Co-captains Alex Kwok and Sharif Nsouli did an excellent job of marshaling the runners, leading stretching circles, keeping times, and suggesting routes. Giovanni Taveras and Alex Naber proved themselves the fastest of their teammates, finishing in the top 10 at the final meet. The competition between them was healthy and invigorating for the whole team. Logan Flynn, Alec Candidato, Keaton Ramey and Christian Kim were consistently ready to run with good attitudes, each of them getting stronger and more confident every week. Eric Sigg taught us all valuable techniques and demonstrated the value of regular running on one’s own time. His dedication to the sport and the enthusiasm of all the runners promise great things for next year’s Middle School and varsity teams. Indeed, a good number of our runners are interested in doing more this year by petitioning to join the Winter Running Club and Track teams.

--Coach John Young