2015 Junior Varsity Basketball

The building blocks for this year's JV team were: development, competitiveness and having fun. Although young and new to the competitive high school basketball environment, the boys represented Browning in an impressive way. The boys showed “grytte” (always playing hard and never giving up), were adaptive (took something away from every game) and were always good sportsmen.

As a building year, it was very “successful.” Co-captains Luke Spellman ’17 and Teddy Florescu ’18 and Coach JJ (John Lindenthal) helped to motivate and move the team in the right direction. Luke (“shortest distance between two points is a straight line”) Spellman, who led the team in scoring, helped with many skillful drives to the loop which excited the entire team. Teddy (“no, I did not break my hand – just a finger”) Florescu was a real inspiration to the whole team. Philip (“not in my house”) Raftopoulos ’18, in one game, set a record for blocked shots. A few of his rejections silenced the entire gym. Finally, Coach (“yes, I have my stress ball”) JJ brought a refined basketball skill set to the boys. His knowledge of the game and hands-on experience helped increase the overall team performance. All in all, the season could be summed up as: grytte, education, sportsmanship and finally: “Let's go Panthers.” –Coaches Walker and Lindenthal