2016 Junior Varsity Basketball

The season for the junior varsity Panthers was an eventful one. Through the ups and downs, the team stuck together, dealt with injuries and persevered through some dramatic games. This year’s promising freshman class was the backbone of the team for much of the season. Despite their neophyte status, several members of the freshman class grew immensely throughout the season.

The Panthers finished 9-12 overall and 4-8 in league play. For the first time in a long time, the JV squad had a chance to clinch a playoff berth but were unable to beat a talented Calhoun team to earn the spot in late January. Despite the disappointing loss, the team continued to fight and ended the season on a high note against Trinity in what may have been the highlight of the entire season.

Buoyed by the support of their rabid fans comprised not only of the student body but also many of the faculty, the JV team made a valiant comeback at home to win the game by 11 points. Emotions were at an all-time high in a positive way and, given the circumstances, the season could not have ended any better for the JV squad. The future is bright for Browning basketball on all levels, and we are looking forward to more success next year. –Coach James Miller