2018 7/8 Grade Basketball Black

The team showed tremendous growth and improvement throughout their season. Despite some tough initial losses, the boys rebounded to win home games against St. Thomas Choir and Calhoun, ending the year with a close 34-30 away win over LREI. The boys also demonstrated hard work and determination in two tough losses to Trevor Day and Allen Stevenson that were both decided in the last minute of play.

The collaborative efforts of Form I and Form II athletes allowed the team to develop a strong camaraderie during both practice and games. Liam Westman (Form II), Tomas Infantino (Form I) and Jackson Hellman (Form I) were effective leaders as point guards and commanded the team with offensive play calling. Malek Assaf (Form I) and Nicholas Dingle (Form II) were powerful shooting guards who could be counted on to make jump shots and steal the ball at crucial moments of a game. Henry Smith (Form II), Federico Schmidt (Form I) and Greg Parizhsky (Form II) were reliable “big men” who led the team in rebounding and lay-ups. Lastly, the team counted on Michael Stitt (Form I), Jonathan Stephenson (Form II), Jonathan Mota (Form I), Johir Jossain (Form I) and Chris Bowen (Form I) to play all positions on the court and adapt to critical game situations.  

Coaches Duchak and Williams