2018 Fencing

Despite being small in numbers, the Browning team played a huge role in this season’s success.

Caleb Sussman proved to be an integral part of the team this year. He admirably fulfilled his role as a senior leader on the team and has done a very respectable job with outreach to his fellow fencers. He made it a point to keep them up to date on our schedules and even sent out regular notices about meets and practices. He is responsible and continually proves to be an asset to the team. He attends practices regularly and fences foil instead of saber when the team needs him to do so – a true team player!

Raymond Diaz, another model team member, is punctual and attends all meets and practices. He is patient in general, and this quality makes him a good epee fencer. Raymond is a starter on the team and a steady presence. He is currently eighth in the league with 13 victories and eight defeats and well-placed to be a team leader next season.

Coach Taylor