2018 Junior Varsity Basketball

This year’s team emphasized accountability, teamwork and communication, resulting in a successful season despite ups and down. The team’s dedication to these standards, along with “grit and grind,” helped them persevere into the playoffs.

The leadership of Shazeb Dayani, day in and day out, kept us afloat throughout the season. Hercules Sotos and Dylan Steck showed signs of greatness in their domination in the post. The sharp shooting of Hugh Chapin and tenacious defense of Mickey Westman helped us to secure leads and kept us in games, time and time again. Eric Pena, Tommy Ramirez, Andrew Halajian, Alexander Raftopoulos, Fernando Hierro, Evan Taylor, Gus Stimpson and Gabe Flicker were extremely valuable, keeping the tempo as alternating pieces in our match-ups through out the year. 

Coaches Sankara Iwelu and Meghan McDermott