THE Browning school code of conduct

We, the members of the Browning community – students, faculty, staff and administration – are committed to fostering an environment in which young men of intellect and integrity develop and thrive. Together, we share the responsibility to meet that commitment through our individual conduct. A place at Browning is a privilege that requires us to engage with the life of the School in good faith. We strive, therefore, to embody the core values of Browning’s mission: honesty, dignity, curiosity, purpose. 

As members of the Browning community, we will: 


Act with respect and kindness toward one another. 

We will treat each other with empathy, civility and forethought; thus, we will not tolerate bullying, insults or disrespect. We respect divergent yet informed opinions, and when we disagree, we will do so civilly. In accordance with our Mission and Diversity Statements, we will not abide discrimination of any kind, including, but not limited to, racist, misogynistic or homophobic language or action. 

Take pride in our learning. 

The importance of education and joy of learning are at the center of all we do; accordingly, we will foster a serious academic environment in our classes, study halls and shared working spaces. Our behavior will reflect our deep respect for both our own work and that of others. We will adhere to the Responsible Use of Technology Policy in order to maintain our best academic focus. 

Work with academic integrity. 

We will not cheat, copy another’s work, plagiarize or otherwise misrepresent ourselves in our academics. We understand that academic dishonesty is a violation of the mission of the School and our own integrity as students. 

Act with personal integrity. 

We will be honest in our words, actions and intentions, and will uphold the School’s rules even when it is not easy or when others fail to do so. We will not steal or harm others’ property. 

Honor commitments completely. 

We will take responsibility to finish what we start and to fully meet our commitments to classes, clubs and sports. We will be on time to all obligations and remain in compliance with the Browning School Dress Code. 

Act in the best interests of the community. 

As members of a community, we have a responsibility to something greater than ourselves. We will represent Browning positively at all times, in and out of school, as well as online. Because everyone makes an impact in a school of our size, we recognize our unique responsibility to set an example for all younger students, just as we model integrity for our peers. 

Maintain a safe and healthy environment. 

Browning must offer a positive and welcoming environment to everyone; therefore, we will safeguard the physical and mental health of all community members. We will keep our environment free of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, including vaporizers. Browning is our home; we will treat the School, its property and resources with the utmost respect. 

Acknowledge and learn from mistakes. 

Mistakes are crucial to learning. When we fall short, we will be open and forthcoming about our mistakes, accept the appropriate consequences, and take any learning we can from the experience.