Diversity Statement

The Browning School strives to create a diverse community in which all members are safe, respected and valued. We believe that in actively promoting a diverse learning environment, we are fostering intellectual, social and emotional growth for all. Recognizing and pursuing diversity, however, are not enough; we seek to transcend mere tolerance of differences and aspire to a celebration of the varied appearances, abilities, perspectives and values that characterize our community.

Browning faculty and staff actively participate in professional development and engage in regular monthly discussions surrounding topics of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). Faculty attend the NAIS People of Color Conference, NYSAIS Diversity Conference, and The Dalton Diversity Conferences to continue to engage in these pertinent conversations and stay abreast of best practices in diversity work. There is also a Faculty/Staff Diversity Committee, which helps develop, implement and support EDI initiatives under the leadership of the School's director of equity and diversity. The Diversity Committee also helps facilitate faculty discussions and student groups.

Students are exposed to EDI as part of their curriculum through relevant assemblies, dedicated school events and student organizations.

Student organizations include:

  • Multicultural Club
  • Think Tank
  • GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
  • Gender Studies/Feminism Club
  • Asian Hangout (Asian student affinity group)

Upper School students also participate in DAIS (Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students) meetings with other NYC independent school students, the NYSAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC), and other local workshops and conferences.

In addition to student assemblies, The Browning School hosts speakers and discussion groups for parents and alumni throughout the school year.

Diversity Calendar of Events

August 28 Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Full-day educator training

September 27 Faculty EDI meeting; Faculty Diversity Committee

October 18 Faculty EDI meeting

November 2 International Dinner

November 8 Faculty EDI meeting

November 30 December NAIS POCC/SDLC

December 6 Faculty EDI meeting (POCC/SDLC presentation); Faculty Diversity Committee Meeting

December 7 Parent EDI meeting

December 21 Community Day; ADL No Place for Hate workshop Grade 4-Form II; Schuyler Bailar presentation Form III-Form VI; Schuyler Bailar presentation for parents

January 11 Open Meeting: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Young Alumni & current students

January 12 MLK celebration

January 15-19 No Name-calling Week

January 17-19 NYSAIS Sex, Gender, Sexuality Conference

January 24 Faculty EDI meeting

February 14 Faculty EDI meeting; Faculty Diversity Committee Meeting

February 21 ADL Follow-up Faculty Workshop

February 24 NYSAIS Job Fair to Promote Diversity

March 7 Faculty EDI meeting; Parent EDI meeting

March 9 Community Day

April 9 Gender and Sexuality Diversity for Young Children conference

April 11 NYSAIS Diversity Conference

April 13 Alumni Reunion/Alumni Panel: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

April 18 Faculty EDI meeting; Faculty Diversity Committee Meeting

April 24 Families of Color Dinner

April 28 Dalton Conference

May 16 Faculty EDI meeting

Diversity Committee 2017-2018

Director of Equity and Diversity Betty Noel


Janetta Lien

Meghan McDermott

Jennifer Montemayor

Krizia Moreno-Cruz

Victoria Piedmont

Kelly West


Lower School

Laurie Gruhn

Nicholas Berry

Hallie Cohn

Susan Kehoe

Julia Kingsdale

Julianne Rowland


Middle School

Sam Keany

Anderson Harp

Dan Ragsdale

Kristen Sheppard

Zachary Williams


Upper School

Jim Reynolds

Saber Khan

Sandra Martinez

Sarah Murphy

Melodie Ting