Blended Learning at Browning

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Browning teachers have been utilizing the educational practice of Blended Learning, which combines online and digital learning with face-to-face instruction. Earlier this school year, we documented Browning’s summer Blended Learning Cohort in which 10 teachers participated. A new video delves into the Blended Learning model and explains how our teachers are using what they learned in the cohort to personalize the classroom experience for each boy in ways that were not possible just a decade ago.

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Pioneer of Cubism Inspires Holiday Party Décor

Thanks to a summer stipend from the Parents Association, art teacher Zachary Davis traveled to the south of France to take a closer look at the works of Pablo Picasso. His trip, in turn, inspired the theme of this year’s Holiday Party. Above, watch to learn more about how Mr. Davis incorporated Picasso into the Browning curriculum throughout the division levels and how the boys created the large-scale murals for this year's party to be held on Friday, December 12.

Imagining the Future Classroom

Thanks to a summer stipend from the Parents Association, Director of Technology Aaron Grill attended an International Academic Forum conference on the future classroom in Brighton, England. This conference, along with a Design Thinking workshop last spring, helped inspire the redesigned classrooms at Browning. Above, watch Mr. Grill discuss new teacher methods of interacting with students and what the future of classrooms at Browning might look like.

Latin: Alive and Well at Browning!

Thanks to a summer stipend from the Parents Association, Chair of the Classics department John Young attended the North American Institute for Living Latin Studies' Pedagogy Rusticacio workshop in West Virginia. Participants are forbidden to speak English for the duration at this week-long Latin immersion event at the Claymont Estate in Charles Town. Additionally, Mr. Young traveled to Santa Monica, Calif., to meet with Luke Henderson, a "celebrity" teacher in the Latin world who has been featured in TedxTalks. Above, watch Mr. Young discuss the inspiration he gained and the new knowledge he brings back to Browning’s classics program.

From East to West: A Bridge To Browning's Curriculum

Thanks to a stipend from the Parents Association, second grade teacher Rachel Gerber traveled to San Francisco this past summer to study the Golden Gate Bridge in conjunction with her class' study of the Brooklyn Bridge. Above, learn more about Ms. Gerber's trip and discover what the second grade boys gained from their visit to the iconic New York landmark. Learn more about the second grade field trip in a related story.

From Sea to Shining Sea

Thanks to the summer stipend she was awarded by the Parents Association, science teacher Emilie Wolf spent three weeks driving cross country from New York to California and back, exploring the natural ecosystems of as many national parks as possible. Above, watch Ms. Wolf discuss her "mind-boggling" trip and its applications in her Lower, Middle and Upper School classrooms.