Head of School’s Message


The Browning School offers a community where boys discover and develop their best selves. It is an institution both rich in tradition and eager for growth, as boys are invited to consider the liberal arts through dynamic instruction, self-directed exploration and creative activity. As a college preparatory school, we present an academic program that challenges, supports and inspires its students. The learning experience at Browning vests boys with the skills and dispositions not only to succeed at their next level of education but also to pursue individual talents, interests and questions over the arc of their lives.

Browning is also an intimate place, one animated by an ethos of student engagement and connection. In our community, boys are called upon to express their full dimensionality; indeed, Browning’s robust arts, athletics and service programs depend upon the enthusiastic participation and leadership of its boys. Similarly, our boys learn to form friendships and attachments which endure over a lifetime and which become the context for developing the virtues of kindness, honesty and respect necessary to live well.   

From Kindergarten through high school, our boys are guided, encouraged and challenged by talented, dedicated faculty. These women and men teach with wisdom and passion and articulate a school culture which expresses a deep understanding of boys’ intellectual and social development. Browning teachers are enthusiastically committed to knowing and developing the whole boy, and in their care our boys learn to appreciate ideas, cultivate meaningful relationships, and build lives of moral purpose.  

In 1888 The Browning School was founded to promote academic excellence, personal integrity and responsible citizenship. Today we are proud of the spirited way in which our boys and alumni continue to embody and further these ideals.


John M. Botti
Head of School
B.A., Williams College
M.Ed., University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of Maryland

Margin Notes

“Margin Notes” is a series which will share Head of School John Botti’s written reflections with our community concerning what he is reading, seeing and discussing at Browning. Click on the headlines to read more.