The Browning School Welcome NYSAIS Members

Browning hosted the September 21 NYSAIS Regional Meeting, with Headmaster Clement proudly welcoming all those in attendance to our newly renovated School. As a lively starter to the morning, he showed the video of Opening Assembly at which Lower School music teacher Lucy Warner sang “At Last,” complete with “new” lyrics co-written with Mr. Clement. The classic song, as revamped, began like this: “At last, our school has come along. Construction years are over and life is like a song.” Click here to watch the performance.

Mr. Clement then turned over the program to NYSAIS Executive Director Mark W. Lauria, who explained that NYSAIS Regional Meetings provide an opportunity for school heads, business managers, senior administrators and trustees in each region to meet and discuss issues of importance. Among the topics discussed on September 21 were current trends in education on the national and state levels; the advantages of the NYSAIS website and Listservs; the ways in which NYSAIS support schools encountering adverse conditions; and accreditation and professional development updates. 

This Regional Meeting was a wonderful introduction for new members of NYSAIS and proved most successful in assisting NYSIAS leadership with its plans for the 2015-16 school year and beyond. Mr. Lauria noted, “We had in attendance 38 schools, which is a good turnout for NYC. Kicking off our 2015 Regional Meetings at Browning really got us off to a good start!” Mr. Clement added, “It was great ‘at last’ to welcome our NYSAIS friends to Browning. I’m proud to show off the School!”