The Lower School technology curriculum is designed to provide our students with a safe  environment where each boy can develop the necessary technological skills to thrive in the future. Through their early years at Browning, every student has the opportunity to explore and develop their computational thinking, interest in robotics, and their basic understanding of programming, engineering and design. We also focus on building the boys’ basic technological concepts and operations, like appropriate use of devices, digital literacy, and touch ­typing. Outside of the technology lab, our students use technology in their classrooms where the tools enrich, reinforce, and extend their grade-­level curriculum. When students finish 4th grade, we want them to be creatively confident, problem solvers, and innovative thinkers who are ready to deeply explore the implications and applications of technology in their life.

In Kindergarten the boys focus on development of computational thinking skills. ‘Unplugged’ activities, such as program the teacher, help students understand sequence and logic. They present a stop-animation project using Scratch Jr., a robotics project that uses logical thinking, and Kodable project that breaks-down larger problems. Kodable and Scratch Jr. are applications on the iPad that build on this essential understanding in a game-like environment.

Grade One  
In first grade this semester, the boys focus on the fundamentals of the iPad, laptop, computational thinking and computer aided design. Students continue their understanding of computational thinking and begin to develop and test engineering and programming skills with visual block applications. We engineer LEGO robots and complex machines to help make work easier.  

Grade Two
In second grade the boys start learning the basics of programming with visual, block commands. They use Scratch, a kid-friendly language developed by MIT, to create animations. Now students are excited about expressing their interests and creativity with Scratch animations and games. The boys use CS First to create their own Scratch account and the Google program can be used on their own time to dive into different coding projects that match their own interests.

Grades Three
In third grade the boys continue learning the basics of programming with Lego mindstorms. The students learn troubleshooting and logical thinking skills. In a team building exercise, the students learn to collectively build their own mindstorm robot. In addition, they use, a computer science driven website that continues to test and develop their knowledge of programming.

Grade Four
In the first semester the boys start orientation for our 1:1 Chromebook program. Orientation included creating Google Docs and Slides for class presentation, navigating Math Buddies and Front Row Education. They also started programming with Scratch, a visual block-based platform, to create games and animations. In the second semester they start learning the basics of programming with text commands. They use Codesters, a Python-based platform, to create games and animations.

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