Physical Education


The Middle School physical education program builds on the foundation developed in Lower School. Students develop the skills, understanding, confidence and sportsmanship necessary to participate in sports and physical activities. The program is based on the progressive development of sport skills through a series of games and activities. Various sports are modified to fit the needs of individuals so all can experience success, and the modifications aim to highlight a particular skill or strategy for practice. Classes meet four days a week, and students continue to develop skills for soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, floor hockey and team handball. Teachers emphasize the rules of the game, game strategy and sportsmanship. Throughout the year, fitness, improving self-esteem and developing pride and responsibility are emphasized. Students’ fitness levels are assessed throughout the year to ensure that proper development and healthy fitness levels are achieved.

Grades Five and Six
During the fall, the students have the option to play on an interscholastic soccer team, which practices twice a week on Randall’s Island with a double period of PE, or remain at school for their regular PE class. In the winter, boys may play on an interscholastic basketball team, or they will join the intramural program that runs twice a week, as well as participate in the regular physical education program. Boys on the team practice during their scheduled class period and play games after school. For the boys continuing in the regular program, the coaches present a variety of activities to promote skill development for other sports. In the spring, the boys all participate in an intramural baseball program which takes place on Randall’s Island twice a week with a double period of PE.

Forms I and II
Boys in Forms I and II have the option of playing on an interscholastic athletic team or participating in the physical education program each semester. If a boy joins a team, he does not attend physical education classes until the season has concluded. Boys taking physical education have class four days a week and participate in a variety of activities in school, including indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, floor hockey, team handball and wiffle ball. Boys also continue to develop their skills for each of these sports. Beginning in Forms I and II, the boys are introduced to the Fitness Center one day each week. They learn how to exercise properly with various cardiovascular machines and weights and how to design an exercise program for their specific needs.

Team Sports: Middle School
Grades Five and Six participate in interscholastic competition in basketball and intramural competition in soccer, basketball and baseball. Forms I and II participate in interscholastic competition in soccer, cross country, squash, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf and track.

Physical Education Uniform
Browning boys are given a set of physical education clothing on the first day of class, consisting of a T-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt and sweatpants. Additional sets may be purchased from the physical education department located on the 4th Floor. Uniforms must be worn at all times during physical education classes, along with white socks and sneakers. If a student is not in uniform, he may not be permitted to participate. Boys are also responsible for keeping their uniforms clean and free of rips and holes. Sharing or borrowing another student’s physical education clothing is prohibited.

Locker Room Responsibilities
Middle School boys (Grade 6-Form II) are given a lock and a specific locker to use throughout the year, for which they are responsible. When they change for physical education class, their clothes and belongings must be secured in their locker.