Middle School


Browning’s Middle School fosters an environment where boys can step confidently from childhood toward adolescence. A curriculum tailored to the developmental needs of early adolescents, a dedicated faculty committed to boys, and an advisory program predicated on building relationships and purpose lead our students toward a life of consequence. Guided by our mission, we strive to cultivate in young men the habits of curiosity, dignity, honesty, and purpose. Our program lives at the crossroads of rigor, inquiry, and joy--offering myriad ways for students to pursue growth in academic classes, in the arts, on the athletic field, and through a wide range of extracurricular activities. In classrooms, our Middle School students refine essential habits of mind, build upon their prior knowledge, and test their wings as critical thinkers by learning to pose increasingly challenging questions. We teach our students to love the richness of what we know about the world by developing in them the important skills of reading texts deeply and responsibly, asking big questions and pursuing answers, learning to problem solve through challenges and unknowns, developing voice as a speaker and writer, and appreciating--rather than eschewing--the complexity of the world. Class trips in and out of New York City further expand the curriculum while helping our students see that service to others is part of a deep, meaningful life. Most importantly, at the heart of who we are is a community of teachers and students who care deeply about each other and stand in support of and commitment to one another as we pursue the best version of ourselves.

Danielle I. Passno

Head of Middle School