The Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)  curriculum in Middle School is designed to allow Browning students the opportunity to take ownership of their technological skills and begin applying them in meaningful ways that enhance their own learning. Through a 1-to-1 iPad program in 5th grade, we teach students how to use our online course management system, Moodle, and Google Apps. In each grade, students have the opportunity to reinforce their computer science, robotics, design, and engineering skills. During these years, students take the basic skills learned in Lower School and focus on the thinking necessary to apply them to real-world problems. By the end of Middle School, Browning students will have a deep understanding of how innovative technology can be used to positively impact their daily lives.

Grades Five
In the first semester we began orientation for our 1:1 Chrome Book program. We also worked in groups building LEGO Robotics and programming the robots with Mindstorms. In the second semester we started learning the basics of programming with text commands. We have been using Codestes, a Python-based platform, to create games and animations.

Grade Six
In sixth grade the boys focus on video game design and programming. They learn Unity3D, a gaming engine used to create First Person and VR games. Students learned to create a game called “Roll A Ball”, and tried to apply those concepts to a uniquely designed terrain.

Form II
In Form II the students experiment with project-based learning. The boys examine exist chairs and reengineer a personal version using digital tools. Rapid prototyping with technology has become commonplace in many professional services. In this class students learn pragmatic tools including Computer Aided Design, 3D printing and Virtual Reality to produce a minimum viable product.