Browning Captures Its First Science Bowl Trophy!

Science Department Chair Sam Keany reports that Browning won its first Science Bowl trophy on November 16: “Browning’s Science Bowl team came out with the intention to win against all eight Interschool teams. With discipline, strategy and great command of science, they made it to the finals with five wins from the eight preliminary rounds. Only Trinity exceeded that record with six preliminary wins. Half-way through the championship round, Trinity was only four points ahead of Browning. In the final questions, Browning surged ahead of Trinity and captured its first Science Bowl trophy. The Browning team erupted with cheers of “STEM, STEM, STEM.” This was a spirited Browning team which had prepared for this moment. Coach and science teacher Melodie Ting is also to be congratulated for her disciplined preparation of the team. Thanks also to Director of Middle and Upper School Admission Janet Lien for enthusiastic support.”