Form II Browning Boy Earns Award at French Theater Festival

Browning’s Form II French students demonstrated their “French touch” on February 1 at the annual Middle School theater festival at the Lycée Français of New York. French teacher Dominique Bernard offers this report, including news of the trophy awarded to one of the boys: “As the imposing amphitheater filled up, the pressure was tangible for the 200 talented young participants whose assignment it was to present a short performance of five to seven minutes based on this year’s theme of changement (change).”

Mr. Bernard continued, “The quality of all the plays was remarkable and perhaps even better than in the past. In addition to the regular distinctions and diplomas, the jury decided to attribute five major awards. Thanks to his great work, and admirably supported by his talented peers, one of our boys won the hearts of the six-member jury and was awarded the ‘best non-French speaking male actor trophy.’ This was a superb achievement indeed! The Lycée Français won the best play award. It was, as it is every year, an enjoyable and engaging activity. The numerous Browning parents who attended the event had every reason to be proud of their children.” Photos courtesy of Lycée Français