2014 Senior Project Presentations

Form VI boys proudly presented their senior projects on June 9. The metropolitan community benefited from the varied nature of these projects, with the boys volunteering their time at the Future Leaders Institute, S.N.A.C.K., the Metropolitan Museum of Art, City Squash, Oliver Scholars and Riverside Park Conservancy, among numerous other organizations. The seniors provided advice and words of wisdom to their younger peers who will be planning their own projects before too long.

Director of Middle and Upper School Admission Janet Lien oversaw the senior projects. Introductions and remarks were made by Ms. Lien, who advised Form V boys that what they were about to hear involved a three-week community service project but that, ideally, community service would become part of the fabric of their lives all year long.

After the final presentation, Head of Upper School Jim Reynolds thanked the boys for their diligence, noting that each of the organizations they worked with benefited from their efforts. He mentioned that although the types of organizations ran the gamut from arts and culture, to politics, entertainment and healthcare, each one appreciated the hours the boys devoted. Conversely, the boys reported that they, too, benefited in various ways. One boy who shadowed doctors specializing in oncology said he will never take another day for granted and that he vows to take care of his own health. Another made a point of reaching out to fellow interns and building friendships with them.

Mr. Reynolds thanked both Ms. Lien for overseeing the senior projects and the faculty advisors for their roles in the program’s success. Headmaster Clement was also pleased with the boys’ efforts and thanked Mr. Walker for ensuring that the technical aspects of the presentation ran smoothly.