Let’s Sing: A Lively Theme for Lower School Closing!

Lower School Closing took place on June 6 at Christ Church, as is tradition. In the blink of an eye, it seems the Browning boys have grown in many ways since those first days of early September. The fourth grade boys, in particular, showed their maturity by standing at the podium, poised and proud, to recount their favorite Browning memories and thank those who attributed to their success, especially their parents and teachers.

Head of Lower School Laurie Gruhn and Headmaster Clement, along with family, friends and faculty, were pleased to see the boys in action, speaking, singing and saying farewell to another school year. Ms. Gruhn welcomed the community and spoke about the boys’ accomplishments and demonstrations of “grit” exemplifying the School’s motto.

The theme of this year’s closing was “Let’s Sing!” and the selections included both French and Spanish melodies, from “Alouette” to “Oye Como Va” and many more. Under the direction of Lower School music teacher Lucy Warner, who provided accompaniment as well as choreography, the boys sang and were joined by the Lower School “Strings of Spring” Orchestra. Organist Steven Pilkington and pianist Rob Taube provided the processional, finale and recessional. The colorful program cover art was accomplished by a member of the fourth grade.

During the farewell section of the program, Headmaster Clement thanked Ms. Warner as well as Lower School music instructors Gemma Baehr, Lucie Gelinas, Anik Oulianine, Michael Serman ’06 and Jay Tilton. He spoke of the incredible number of different languages spoken by families of the Lower School boys whom he surveyed regarding what they hear from parents, grandparents and siblings.

Congratulations to the fourth grade boys who were welcomed to Middle School at Browning by Head of Middle School Chris Dunham, and best wishes to one and all for a wonderful summer!