Third Consecutive Year for “Engineers Teaching Algebra” Workshop

On January 20, all of the Form II Algebra I students learned the answer to the classic question, “Why do we learn this?” by experiencing the Engineers Teaching Algebra workshop.  Former engineer Mark Love returned for his third consecutive year to conduct two 90-minute sessions with the Browning boys.

Mr. Love offered, “The boys really got involved in the project as a group, and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the process.”

Math Department Chair Michael Klein reports that the boys, using a pencil, paper and a calculator, applied their algebraic problem-solving skills to the installation of traffic lights at an intersection between the entrance to a shopping mall and the main thoroughfare. Variables were defined and simultaneous equations constructed to design a system to optimize traffic flow.

Mr. Klein explained, “Experiencing real-world applications of topics and skills learned in the classroom can be powerful motivation for students and augment their engagement in a subject. This workshop has low accessibility, yet high enrichment for the boys, and the feedback is always very positive.