Collaborative Art Project Stands Out As “Boys School Story”

Browning art teachers Nik Vlahos and Zack Davis initiated a collaboration across all division levels and curriculum to study the art of Pablo Picasso this year. The prolific results inspired the theme of decor for the Holiday Party and, on the mornings of February 23 and 24, some of the works in the boys’ collection were unveiled in the cafeteria. The Browning community members are appreciative of this wonderful gallery surrounding them as they dine, attend meetings, etc., in this wonderful space!

Headmaster Clement is thrilled that Browning boys of all ages collaborated on this colorful art project. He noted, “I think it is a perfect boys school story. We have older boys helping younger boys, we have boys comfortable working in new ways, and we have boys very proud of a finished artistic project. If this were a coed school, the whole-hearted participation of boys would not be as great.”

To learn more about how the boys created these large-scale murals, click here to watch a video of how the Art Department incorporated Picasso into the Browning curriculum throughout the division levels.