Baseball, Tennis and Track Teams Head to Florida for Spring Training

Browning’s varsity baseball team once again headed to Port St. Lucie, Fla., for spring training during the School’s Spring Break. Coach Andrew West ’92 reports: “Because the boys had not set foot on a field before the trip due to all the recent snow, this trip was of great importance. The team showed real promise, with a few surprises mixed in as well. As always, we bonded over a trip to a Mets vs. Nationals game, a movie theater outing, and a night at the arcade and bowling alley. What really impressed us as coaches were the determination and self-motivation of this group. We are eager to get the season started!”

Tennis players of all ability levels also enjoyed the warmth of Port St. Lucie, as they played over the course of four days. Coach Michael Klein reports: “Morning sessions were reserved for drills and practice, while afternoon sessions comprised of actual matches. The players enjoyed Jensen Beach on the last day of the trip.”

For the first time, the track team also traveled to Port St. Lucie. Coach Dominique Bernard reports: “This sojourn was a great experience for those boys who were able to participate. Since the Winter Running Club had ended, it was important to start training as early as possible before our season begins. Although challenging, this track experience was also fun for the boys. They have never been as well prepared as  they are this year for the imminent first competition. We are ready to proudly bear the colors of Browning!”