Grade One Boys Present "The Jolly Postman" Play

On April 9, the first grade boys proudly presented "The Jolly Postman," a play inspired by a book written and illustrated by Janet and Allen Ahlberg. Grade One teacher Lindsay Burrus proudly reports: "In a few weeks the first graders will begin to learn about the mail system. They will run their own Browning Post Office where students and teachers can send letters throughout the School, with the boys as the postmen. So naturally, this story seemed like a great inspiration for our play! The boys did a fabulous job!"

Lucy Warner, Lower School music teacher, wrote the song the boys sang based on the "The Letter," a 1960s hit by the Box Tops. She, along with Ms. Burrus, teachers Julianne Rowland, Taylor McKenna, Glenn Walker and the parents, of course, were extremely pleased with the boys for learning all their lines and speaking them so loudly and clearly.