Middle School Field Day 2015

The Browning community had a great time at Middle School Field Day this year, according to Director of Physical Education Patricia Zeuner, who offers the following report: Boys were split into five teams for the events, and the teams’ scores were tallied throughout the morning. Upon arrival, the entire Middle School participated in a race that included every student in the division, namely, the newly introduced “puzzle race.” In relay format, students sprinted across the soccer field to receive a puzzle piece from a faculty supervisor. While speed was important, the winner was ultimately determined by the team that finished the puzzle first. It was a great display of teamwork among all four grade levels.

Ms. Zeuner added that following the puzzle race, students participated in four events within their grade level. As is cherished tradition, the boys enjoyed a pizza picnic lunch and some free time in the afternoon when they could play among friends or join organized games of soccer and “capture the flag.” The entire event was a great success, and we feel very fortunate to have had such fabulous weather!