Browning Hosts and Participates in Math Bowl

On April 18, Browning hosted an interschool Math Bowl for freshmen and sophomores. Schools participating in this close, spirited competition included Brearley, Browning, Chapin, Nightingale-Bamford and Trinity. Browning and Chapin tied for third place, while Brearley edged out Nightingale-Bamford for first place. Congratulations to all who participated!

Upper and Middle School math teacher Matt Bratnick offered details: The competition consisted of two mathematical “Jeopardy”-type rounds (one involving calculator usage and the other, non-calculator), and another round with teams composing songs about various mathematical topics. Overall, our boys had a lot of fun participating in the bowl, as well as interacting with students from different schools. Moving forward, we hope the math bowl will become an annual event.