Spanish Students Enhance Learning Through Museum Trip and Guest Speaker

Spanish teacher Elizabeth Suárez reports on a number of activities that enhanced the education experience of her students on March 31. “Advanced Spanish students have been studying the life and work of Spanish artist Salvador Dalí as well as the Surrealist movement. In order to complement this unit, the boys went for a guided tour to the Museum of Modern Art with art teacher Zack Davis and me. There they saw Dalí’s “Persistence of Memory,” one of his best-known paintings. They also explored works by Kahlo, Picasso, Magritte and de Chirico, among others. It was a colorful trip!”

Meanwhile, Spanish III students who are studying a unit on Cuba, including the most recent changes in its internal policies and its relationship with the U.S., welcomed a special visitor. Ms. Suárez explains: “Music Department Chair David Prestigiacomo gave a bilingual presentation to our class about his experiences in Cuba, since he knows this island in depth. His husband, Mario, is a Cuban, and they frequently travel there to visit family and friends. His remarks were thought-provoking and emotional; the boys appreciated his presentation and asked interesting questions afterward.”