Form III Boys Study Biology in Black Rock Forest

On April 29 and 30, Form III students spent two days at Black Rock Forest gathering data for their biology projects. Dean of Students Sam Keany, who is also Browning's science department chair and vice president of The Black Rock Forest Consortium Board, reports: Enjoying perfect weather, the boys took advantage of their opportunities to explore many organisms in the forest, including spiders, fungi, trees, millipedes and water studies. Each boy had developed a sound question, based on significant background research. Additionally, two groups of boys spent several hours performing much needed community service by digging out stands of Japanese barberry, an invasive plant common around any cleared area in the forest. Many boys also enjoyed a night hike in the moonlight, as well as a game of touch football. The boys were accompanied by Dr. Betty Noel, biology teacher, Mr. Matt Bratnick, math teacher, and me.