Second Grade Boys Show How a Bug’s World Can Teach Life Lessons

The Browning School Second Grade boys presented “Diary of a Spider, Worm & Fly” on the morning of April 30, with proud parents and siblings present to cheer them on. Their play was based on the books by Doreen Cronin. Lower School music teacher Lucy Warner composed lyrics and music that set the stage for this adaptation of a story about a bug’s world wherein such questions as “Is Spider getting too big for his own skin?” and “Will Worm learn to stand on his own two feet?” are posed.

Lower School Head Laurie Gruhn congratulated the boys on a stellar show. She also acknowledged the help of parents and teachers in preparing the boys for their parts, and the assistance of Glenn Walker who ensured all the technical aspects were in order.

Before the play began, boys celebrating April birthday were recognized by the Panther mascot, while the Composer-of-the-Month series continued afterward with Ms. Warner and the boys displaying their knowledge of the lives of George and Ira Gershwin.