Third Graders Present Dutch Day

On Dutch Day, June 2, the third grade boys presented a program to the Browning community describing what they learned about New Amsterdam and Colonial America. The boys acquired a great deal of knowledge in the course of their studies, as evidenced by the roles they played as individuals who lived in New Amsterdam. On Dutch Day, they discussed their characters with parents, faculty and staff, encouraging them to read the reports they wrote as well.

Head of Lower School Laurie Gruhn noted, “I had an opportunity to read a few of the boys' reports, and they were fantastic! The detailed writing was among the finest I had read in a very long time.”

When asked what they most enjoyed about this particular project, some boys replied that they loved dressing in costumes and wigs, others said conducting the research for their papers, and some noted it was a combination of both. Whatever the case, those who spoke with the boys could not help but be impressed!