Fourth Grade “Panther Report” Premieres

The fourth graders premiered "The Panther Report," a broadcast of current events and information on a variety of subjects. Press play button.

Lower School Assemblies, held nearly every week at Browning, present an opportunity for Browning boys to shine, whether by demonstrating their expertise on the Composer of the Month or recommending a good book they have read. As of this week, “The Panther Report” has put our fourth grade boys in the spotlight as budding journalists, eager to share their knowledge of world-wide weather, upcoming events at Browning, Mark Zuckerberg’s $3 billion pledge to cure disease, candle making, highlights of Italy, and our new Head of School.

The first edition of “The Panther Report” thoroughly impressed the audience of teachers and fellow students who eagerly look forward to the next installment in two weeks’ time. Fourth grade teachers Rachel Gerber and Meg Epstein explained, “We wanted the fourth graders to learn about current events and also be able to educate the lower grades in a fun way!” They are pleased and proud of the boys who spent many hours researching and producing their segments.