Head of School John Botti Appoints Dr. Betty Noel Director of Diversity

Head of School John Botti is pleased to appoint Dr. Betty Noel to the position of Director of Diversity at The Browning School. Mr. Botti stressed the importance of upholding the School’s Diversity Statement when he spoke to the community on opening day in September. In his remarks, he said, “Phrases like ‘celebration of varied appearances, abilities, perspectives and values’ are inspired with meaning—are made new—when you put them at the center of the way in which we choose to live.”

In creating this important new position at Browning, Mr. Botti remarked, “Dr. Noel is well-qualified to fulfill this role, and I am pleased that through her leadership, we renew our commitment to the Diversity Statement, which has long been a part of the School.” 

Dr. Noel, who teaches Middle and Upper School science, plans to form a new Diversity Committee comprised of faculty and staff. She also eagerly anticipates the School’s third annual Community Day on December 15, an event she has long been involved with. The latter offers an opportunity to celebrate the Browning community and to take a closer look at the world outside its walls as well. 

Dr. Noel said, “I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with the Browning community to more fully address the ideals surrounding inclusivity and equity outlined in our Mission and Diversity Statements.”