Form III Boys Participate in Traditional Camping Trip

On October 6, under the leadership of Head of Upper School James Reynolds and with an assist from Mssrs. Iwelu and Wisniewski, Form III departed from Browning on the traditional Form III trip to Pine Forest Camp in Pennsylvania. Mr. Reynolds offers the following report:

The weather was very cooperative, and the group arrived mid-morning at Pine Forest, a large summer camp in Greeley, Pa., near the Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York nexus. At Pine Forest the boys of Form III met facilitators from the Mountain Workshop who would lead the day's activities, which included canoeing on the camp's lake, climbing high rope challenges and culminating with a nighttime bonfire and those camp staples, s'mores. One spectacular highlight of the trip was the appearance in the sky over and along the lake of bald eagles. One group canoeing on the lake watched in awe as an eagle swooped out over the lake and perched on the limb of a tree branch. We approached quietly and observed the eagle, which then flew in an arc. It looked as though it was returning to a grove of pine trees when it changed course; in what looked like an impossible angle, it skimmed the surface of the lake having snatched an unaware and unlucky fish from the water. Jaws dropped in every canoe. 

On Friday morning, the boys packed up from Pine Forest, loaded the bus and headed to the shore of the Delaware River for a day of rafting. The boys, facilitators and Browning faculty paddled six miles down the Delaware, only stopping for lunch. The weather was excellent, and the boys demonstrated their camaraderie and enthusiasm as we made our way to the take-out sight. It was a great trip as the Form III boys celebrated their friendships, new classmates and their elevation to the Upper School.