Math-Science Night: Demonstrating How the Two Disciplines Intertwine

Math-Science Night is an opportunity for boys in Grade Five through Form II to proudly present the projects they have been working on for many months under the guidance and structure of their math and science teachers, as well as their homeroom teachers, librarians and technology team. The boys design and execute original science projects, incorporating mathematical analysis of their data as a central component that drives their conclusions. Prior to welcoming their families on the evening of February 10, they showed their work to Headmaster Clement and faculty members who were enthusiastic and eager to understand and appreciate the boys’ hard work.

From suspension bridges to sling shots, fungal growth, catapults, magnets, mold and numerous other topics, the boys raised questions and sought answers as they saw their projects to fruition.

Chair of the Mathematics Department Michael Klein said, “These projects provide an opportunity for the boys to synthesize and apply what they have learned in mathematics and science, as well as develop a deeper understanding of how the two disciplines intertwine. Since the boys develop their own experiments, the projects also have personal relevance for them – a crucial element in boys learning effectively.”

Chair of the Science Department Sam Keany added, “Many thanks to everyone in the School who helped make this night such a success. Parents were so gratified to see their sons’ thoughtful work being presented confidently and elegantly.”