Musicians from Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Perform at Browning

Once again Browning parent Vincent Lionti, violist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, returned on February 4 for the ninth time to present a concert with an ensemble of fellow orchestra members during a Lower School assembly.

The audience of over 170 boys was enthralled with the music, which featured works by composers the students have studied in music class, including Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven, and Dvorak. The boys were especially pleased to hear an excerpt from Haydn’s “Surprise Symphony.”

The six-piece ensemble featured viola, violin, cello, double bass, flute and piano. In addition to presenting the music, each performer gave a short talk describing how he had first become involved in playing his instrument, and how important it was to practice. Cellist David Calhoun remarked, “The great cello player Pablo Casals said at the age of 92 that he still practiced, because he felt he could always get better!”

Lucy Warner, Lower School music teacher, arranged for the performance again this year. She commented, “This is an amazing musical opportunity which always inspires the boys and provides an enriching, festive way to start the day!”