Lower School Field Day 2016

According to Coaches Blake and Brown, the Lower School boys worked together and competed with their classmates in a variety of sporting activities at this year's Lower School Field Day. They offer the following report:

Each grade level wore the same color shirt, and each boy was provided with a wristband of blue, orange, yellow or green. The final score of the games had little value, as the spirit of the day was to spend time competing and having fun playing games. Their parents had a great time watching them play! 

The morning started with the Pre-primary and first grade classes going station to station playing games such as Rock, Paper, Scissor tag, Cat and Mouse Relays, and Stepping Stones. The games were fast-paced, involved teamwork, focused on different athletic skills, and allowed the boys to run and have fun together. Browning PE teachers and Form VI boys led each station. 

 The second, third and fourth grade boys’ spent the morning playing soccer, team handball and kickball, competed against one another. Their teamwork and sportsmanship was on display at all times. The games were well played, and the activities were a blast for the students to participate in. 

The afternoon festivities included a tug-of-war station, 50-yard dash, team four corners tag relays, and a four-way capture the flag game. There was great competition and teamwork exhibited at each event. The boys left full of pride and a little exhausted from the running, as they all worked hard and had fun spending time together. Thank you to everyone who made Field Day an amazing event for the boys!