Browning Shines in Science Bowl Invitational

Browning's Science Bowl team members shined in an invitational tournament, "StuyBowl 2016," comprised of 15 teams and hosted at Stuyvesant High School on May 21. This competition allowed the boys to showcase their knowledge in chemistry, physics, biology, earth and space science, math, energy and general science. Browning was represented by three teams who competed against three teams from Stuyvesant, two teams from Hunter HS, five teams from Brooklyn Tech and two teams from Midwood HS. Browning lost in a tight and close finals match against Hunter, finishing second overall in the competition.

Science Department Chair Sam Keany noted the enrollment stats (below) for these science-math selective high schools; in light of these stats, the fact that Browning A and B placed third and second, respectively, in this competition is even more of an impressive feat!

Stuyvesant  HS                 3,278

Hunter HS                         1,200

Brooklyn Tech HS            5,674

Midwood HS                    3,960

Browning                             106

Science Bowl coach Melodie Ting was pleased to report in detail:

The morning started with practice rounds in which we already had a very strong showing against really strong teams. Browning A came out of the practice rounds undefeated. Entering the elimination rounds, all three Browning teams won their first round matches against Stuyvesant A, Midwood B and Brooklyn Tech D, respectively placing all three teams in the winner’s bracket. Browning A and B went undefeated into the quarterfinals, eliminating Brooklyn Tech A, B, C, D and E, Stuyvesant C, Midwood A and B along the way. Browning A went on to defeat Stuyvesant A for a second time to make it to the semi-finals. Browning B defeated Stuyvesant B and made it to the semi-finals as well.

Down to four teams, Browning B defeated Browning A in a close and exciting match-up with a point difference of four points! The boys then went on to defeat Hunter B and secured their spot in the finals. Browning A ended their night by winning against Hunter B, placing third overall. After eight hours of competition, the finals were held that evening between Hunter A and Browning B. Browning B lost in a tight and close finals match, finishing second overall.