Grandparents & Special Friends Day 2016

Rain was falling outside, but inside the red doors of Browning, all was sunshine and smiles as the boys in Pre-primary through second grade welcomed family and friends to Grandparents and Special Friends Day. More than 150 guests took advantage of this event to get to know teachers and a bit more about the School’s curriculum. The boys, their grandparents and special guests read together, listened to music, explored the world of science, even created art, along with enjoying a number of activities in other subjects that the boys study on a daily basis.

Though Mother’s Day was on the horizon, the guests at Grandparents and Special Friends Day were definitely in the spotlight, with some traveling from as far away as Texas and Washington State to be with the boys.

Headmaster Clement, who welcomed these special guests earlier that day, thanked them for coming and acknowledged how important they are in the lives of the boys. Later, as he bid them farewell, he accepted many good wishes and words of gratitude for the work he has done in leading Browning for the past 28 years.